.618 is a way of looking at the world, at people, at things. To sense details; even when minimal, sometimes neglected or unseen and to create new connections. With unexpected effects and original harmony. Between nature and history. Between traditional craftsmanship and modern materials. Between distant and near cultures.
The idea is to allow what potential beauty is present everywhere, to emerge. A leaf’s weft may inspire the texture of a fabric. The movement of a satin ribbon gives its shape to a solid steel handrail.
Light and accurate interventions generate subtle though sharp aesthetic emotions.
Designing entails uncovering the soul of a place or a material. Spaces are fluid, permeable. In buildings what counts are the perspective angles. The relationship between interior and exterior. With plays of light, openings and viewing angles to gratify one’s look. As for interior design, the classic concept of the closed room is outdated. Doors are retractable wings. A smaller volume in an open space, to obtain a bathroom, a kitchenette or a wardrobe, does not break its continuity; in fact, it creates movement.
The personality of a space is also achieved with materials. Natural or industrial, in their raw beauty. To define an environment it is enough to have only a few effective signs. A white, rarefied space, and, acting as powerful scenic element, a spiral staircase found at the junk yard. Pixel motifs composed by hexagonal small tiling from the Fifties. A small table whose top is a cracked clump of earth. In a cosy bathroom.