Next è uno spazio dedicato alla sperimentazione. Il lab di .618.
Qui si fa ricerca e si propongono suggestioni e idee.
Ogni proposta è un progetto aperto, da condividere e affinare
con chi, azienda o privato, sarà interessato a un suo sviluppo.
Next è anche il luogo dove .618 racconta i lavori in corso
d’opera, per offrire stimoli e spunti di riflessione.

Next is an area dedicated to experimentation.
The lab of .618. This is where research takes place and where
ideas are proposed and suggested. Each proposal is an open
project, to be shared and refined with those companies or
private individuals who are interested in its development.
Next is also the place where .618 tells of its ongoing projects,
so as to offer stimuli and food for thought.

…construction work in Preston – Lancashire UK have started!

…renovation of a farmhouse’s appartment is going on…

…the name recalls the artisan tradition, the craftman’s workshop as well as the source of ideas. Actually, it expresses both concept: a workshop where new ideas are born. A creative task that, thanks to a skilled artisan labour, finds the necessary foundations to create with passion everything that cannot be reflected in conventional job…

…the brand image study for the pilot store of an Italian restaurant chain with an international target audience, takes its cue from a “conceptual design in context” inspired philosophy, as it tries to re-launch local traditions, not only in terms of cuisine but also in regard to all interior fittings, lighting and graphic design…, through a process of refinement and the extraction of essential elements…

…a recent hotel facilities’ costs analysis has triggered an investigation into light and flexible structures for the sector; nautical floating techniques derived from water-based venues, were borrowed to develop a project of transportable and linkable room units; acting coherently with the latest trend in a globalized society where all is increasingly interconnected and flexible, whilst hypothesizing a new definition of nomadism…